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Sand gnat and mosquito control: “protective bubble”

Hi Tom,
I wanted to give you some feedback on our experience with your mosquito and sand gnat treatment.  When we first started using your product, we quite literally could not spend any time outside in our yard without being eaten alive by sand gnats.  The mosquitos were bad, but nothing like the gnats.  Truthfully, we were kind of used to that, because we’ve lived in this house for 17 years and every one of them was pretty much the same story….. until I met you.After you started treating the yard things changed rapidly.  By mid summer, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d seen a sand gnat or mosquito, much less having been bittten.  Outside became a place we could enjoy, at all hours of the day, evening, or night.  For that I cannot thank you enough.  But here’s the rub.

At the end of “sand gnat season,” we stopped the treatment, planning on starting again in the spring.  Big mistake.  The weather turned warm, and without the protective bubble we’d grown so accustomed to all year, it was a shock to find that the gnats and mosquitos returned with a vengeance.  We’re ready for you to come back, and the sooner the better.

I can’t say enough about the results of using the MevLabs treatment on our property.  It honestly made the difference between being able to be outside enjoying our yard, and being trapped inside seeking shelter from biting insects.  Thank you so much for your enthusiastic commitment to solving our problem.  I recommend you to everybody I know.

God bless, and have a happy new year.

Jim W.
Richmond Hill, GA