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German Cockroaches: “Our former infestation seems to be 99% eliminated after only 3 months.”

My family and I had a home built and never had a problem with roaches until some boxes were moved into our home that had been in an apartment in town. Little did we know, that inside those boxes were German Roach eggs.  Our home was soon infested with German roaches. We had the home treated three times by an exterminator, with very little success. The roaches just seemed to be unstoppable. We then called local Scientist, Dr. Tom Kollars.

Dr. Tom’s unique approach to treating roaches has been a success in our home.  He has been very flexible to come at times that work with our schedules, and we have seen much greater success than we had before from our first attempts to have an exterminator treat our roach infestation.  Our former infestation seems to be 99% eliminated after only 3 months.  At the current rate of success, I feel confident our German Roach problem will be eliminated in the coming months.

I also like the fact that Dr. Kollars uses environmentally friendly methods and is a fellow Christian, & I feel good about spending my money to support the business of a brother in Christ.

Timothy H.
Statesboro, Ga